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Car Interior

Auto Detailing & Paint Protection Experts

Backed by over 15 years of experience in the auto industry, we’re dedicated, skilled, and trained to deliver exceptional results for our customers. 


With strong attention to detail and professional techniques, we provide a level of care and specialized service that is unparalleled in the industry. You can trust that your vehicle is in the best possible hands, with guaranteed perfection and a high level of quality workmanship.


Our modern facility has the finest equipment and quality products in paint decontamination, paint correction, paint protection, interior detailing, engine washing, and undercarriage pressurized cleaning.

Not only are the visual results phenomenal, but our auto detailing comes with an array of benefits:


  • Extends the lifespan of your vehicle

  • Maintains the paint condition

  • Increases the resale value

  • Allows your engine to run cooler

  • Prevents corrosion in the undercarriage

Get that new car feel by discovering our auto detailing services below.

Auto Detailing

Transform your vehicle back to its former glory or protect your new ride with auto detail packages that are completely customizable to your vehicle.


Auto detailing involves restoring or preserving your vehicle’s exterior and interior through delicate and precise techniques, while utilizing the finest car care products to give your vehicle a superb finish that has heads turning.


Completely tailored to your vehicle’s needs, we begin by removing any contaminants - both visible and invisible - on your vehicle’s surface, and transform it back to its blemish-free, like-new state. After we’ve achieved a fresh and flawless shine, we apply a coat of wax to take that shine to the next level, and to provide a long-lasting shield of protection.


Your vehicle will look as if it’s just been rolled out of the showroom, with a level of detail and specialized cleanliness that cannot be achieved with a standard car wash.

Image by Joshua Naidoo
Car Front
Clay Bar Treatment - Paint Decontamination

Get a deep clean of your car’s paintwork to achieve a brilliant shine with regular Clay Bar Treatment.


Although not always visible to the naked eye, harsh particles like debris, dirt, and dust buildup on your car’s exterior over time. As these pollutants bond chemically to the paint, an ordinary wash or clean of your vehicle will not remove them. If left untreated, this could lead to noticeable paint discoloration and drastic changes to the vehicle’s exterior shine. 


This paint decontamination treatment transforms your vehicle to like-new with a combined smooth feel and glass-like shine. Using a clay bar and lubricant, protruding contaminants are lifted from the surface of your vehicle’s paint, glass, and metal. This deep and extensive clean creates a prepped and ready surface for waxing, polishing, or protection applications.

Polish - Paint Correction

Restore the wow factor of your car’s exterior by eliminating swirls, scratches, dirt, oxidation, and other defects through polishing. 


Our auto polishing service is designed to give your vehicle that new feel by removing a fine layer of clear coat with careful precision. This process utilizes a combination of machines, pads, and compounds to unearth the new layer that is free of imperfections by removing light scratches, swirl marks, and particle buildup. 


With the right tools, techniques, and professional detailing experience, the paint correction results are superb and enhance your vehicle’s appearance for years to come, and provide a perfect base for wax and other protective sealants.

Buffing a Car
Polishing Car
Hand Wax - Paint Protection

Add an impenetrable layer of wax protection to your vehicle and keep it looking brand new.


Your car’s exterior is exposed to plenty of unforgiving conditions from the sun’s UV rays to torrential rain, and not to mention the unsightly bumps and scratches accumulated from gradual wear and tear.


Car waxing is a crucial measure in preserving and protecting the beauty and value of your vehicle, while adding a pristine and flawless finish. Waxing is also highly effective in removing stubborn imperfections already existing on your vehicle’s exterior, which can’t be achieved through a regular wash.


Using professional-grade auto detailing products, the wax is applied delicately by hand in small circular motions across the entire vehicle. After the wax layer has formed, it is buffed out using a microfibre cloth to achieve a radiant shine.


You’ll not only love this layer of wax for its beauty and protective nature but you’ll also benefit from a cleaner car for longer, with water beading off effortlessly and having minimal particles bond to your vehicle’s paint.

Complete Detail - Interior & Exterior

Give your pride and joy the ultimate makeover with a complete car detailing service. 


This full detail provides a deep clean inside and out, from top to bottom, right from the wheels, wheel arches, windows, door jams, tires, interior plastics and trims, upholstery, leather, and much more.


The exterior detail begins with a clay bar treatment to decontaminate any particles bonded to the car’s clear coat. It is then followed by a polish to correct any defects in the paintwork, and then finished with a luscious layer of wax to protect your new paint, while producing a brilliant shine. 


The Interior detail will include an extensive vacuum, upholstery shampoo, leather treatment, interior lining cleaning, dashboard and console detailing and gloss application, and much more.


This comprehensive detail is completed to the highest standard with meticulous attention, professional-grade auto detailing products, advanced tools, and proven techniques that come from years of experience in the field. 

The complete detail is perfect for anyone looking for a showroom finish and feel, in the one all-inclusive auto detailing service.

Image by Benoit Debaix
Image by Ariq Naufal
Engine Cleaning

Remove harmful buildup on your engine and keep it in pristine condition with a comprehensive engine wash.


Accumulated dust, oil, grime, dirt and grease can pose a risk to engines by hiding minor leaks or other troublesome signs that could lead to major problems in the future. Not to mention, a clean and well-maintained engine enhances its cosmetic appeal and increases its resale value.


Our engine wash involves the removal of built-up contaminants from all sections of the motor. This process takes expert precision to degrease, wash and steam the engine, while protecting the vehicles surrounding electrics and computer systems.

Undercarriage Pressure Wash

Enhance the durability and functionality of your vehicle’s undercarriage through regular undercarriage pressure cleaning.


Washing your vehicle’s undercarriage is crucial in preventing particle buildup that arises from roads, gravel, mud, dirt, snow, and other environmental elements. This buildup can eventually lead to corrosion and clogged drainage holes and result in severely damaged working parts that are integral to the vehicle’s operation. 


Our undercarriage wash reaches the nooks and crannies of the underbody by lifting your vehicle on a hoist and conducting a deep and detailed clean, focusing on the vehicle’s chassis, wheel arches, and suspension system.


Frequent undercarriage cleaning improves the performance of your vehicle and increases its lifespan by removing and further preventing rust and environmental pollutants, while also providing a visually appealing finish.

Under the Car
Image by Campbell
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